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Dedicated to Service

Services include:

  • Propeller service:
    • Propeller repair
    • Propeller re-hub
    • Pitch changes
    • Polishing
    • Diffuser ring replacement
    • Cupping
  • Skeg and Cavitation plate repair
  • Machine service:
    • Boring and honing
    • Resleeving
    • Planing of block face and cylinder heads
  • Rebuild and repair service:
    • Outboard powerhead rebuilds
    • Lower unit rebuilds
    • Outdrive rebuilds
    • Reseal jobs

Why use Blackburn for these services?

  • 200 + pitch blocks for aluminum, stainless steel and brass propellers ensures the most precise repair for your prop – and we're increasing our block purchases all the time.
  • All props are brought back to OEM specs. This is extremely important. So many shops simply grind off the blade diameter so that they don't have to take the time to weld. We take the time to repair it correctly, the way it's supposed to be.
  • Props are ground and shaped.
  • Tig welding ensures maximum strength; no brazing or "pot weld" are ever used.
  • Aluminum props are painted.
  • Brass props are brought back to a satin finish.
  • Stainless steel props that were high polish are brought back to a high polish, by hand. Our stainless steel finishes are beautiful. Try us, we'll show you!
  • Props are bagged and individually labeled. (Individually boxing props is available for an extra charge).
  • When props are shipped via UPS, etc., they are packaged correctly to ensure damage free delivery.
  • Machining is done to exacting tolerances to provide the best fit for the pistons you choose.
  • Repairs and rebuilds are performed using high quality parts, special tools, correct service manuals and update bulletins and a warranty to back it all up.

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